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Additional Softwares
Acrbat Reader - Direct X - NVidia - ATI


Scalracing installation Notes
Minimum system requirement

System :
– Windows 2000/XP/Vista ( with the last version of DirectX installed )

Hardware :
– Processor : P3/P4/Core duo2
– Ram : 500 Mo
– Video Card : Nvidia-Gforce series/ATI-Radeon series
– Space : at least 347Mo available on your C: drive

Read before install
– Before installing the program, read the instructions below
– Check the minimum system requirement to see if you can use the program
– For optimal use, be sure to install the last version of DirectX
   ( you can find the last version of DirectX on : )
– Check that you have the last version driver for your graphic card
   ( check on your graphic card constructor website )
– Check that you have enough space on your Hard Drive to install the program (347Mo)

How to install
Once you have made all the verifications, follow the instructions below to install Scalracing
– Unzip, browse the Scalracing directory then double click on setup.exe to launch the
   installation program (click here to have informations on Zip files)
– Sometimes the installation can take several minutes, if the installation seems too long and is
   not responding, kill the process and relaunch the installation. You can also recheck that you
   have well verified all the instructions before use.
   (click here to have informations on how to kill a process)
– Once the setup is complete relaunch your system
– The installer creates a thumbnail on your desktop, double click on it to launch Scalracing.
   You can also find it in the start menu :
   Start > Programs >Scalracing > Scalracing_v1
– The first time you launch Scalracing you have to register to authorize the program, you will
   need to connect on internet. Once the program is authorized, you can use Scalracing without
   time limit on the system where you installed it. If you want to install Scalracing on another
   system, you will have to register once again in order to obtain a new authorization code.
– Enjoy your driving experience !


Warning, Windows Vista users :
Right click on the Scalracing icon on the desktop, and choose:
run as administrator and click authorize

- In general cases if the demo work, the final version will work on your computer
- The Demo is free, just create an account with a valid email (only 2 levels in Demo)

- Into your account you can download the demo or have unlimited download access to the full software or news updates, if you have allready buy the product.
Comminig soon in updates Mini-Games in free play, and more funny suprises.....